emmi®-0.0.7. - Spare blades

emmi®-0.0.7. - Spare blades


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  • • 6 blades + 1 trimmer 
    • Optimized 30° angle 
    • Integrated protection system 
    The precise arrangement of the six blades and the additional gel stripe on the head of the razor provides a gentle and safe shave. 
    The trimmer blade helps trimming tight spaces very precisely. 
    Content: 4 emmi®-0.0.7. Replacement Blades 
    An even better result is achieved by using the new Emmi-0.0.7. shaving lotion with its special moisture formula. 
    emmi-0.0.7. - Extremely sharp, extremely thorough, extremely gentle.

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"emmi®-0.0.7. - Spare blades"

emmi®-0.0.7. - Spare blades

• 6 blades + 1 trimmer
• Optimized 30 ° angle
• Integrated protection system
The precise arrangement of the six blades and the special gel strip at the top of the head ensure even more comfort and safety during shaving.
With the help of the trimmer blade even difficult areas can be shaved precisely.
Delivery: 4 emmi®-0.0.7. replacement blades
For even better shaving results, use the new emmi-0.0.7. Shaving lotion with its special moisturizing formula.
emmi®-0.0.7. Replacement Blades - Extremely sharp, extremely thorough, extremely gentle.


4x emmi®-0.0.7. replacement blades

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