Wall Dispenser + Disinfectant

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    • Wall dispenser incl. 2,5L disinfectant
    • Dimensions: 9,40cm x 15,30cm x 20,30cm
    • Material: aluminium
    • Filling volume: 1000ml

More information about the product

"Wall Dispenser + Disinfectant"

Disinfectant Dispenser including Disinfectant - Perfect hygiene for your home

With the emmi® disinfectant dispenser you give your family and friends the feeling that they feel safe with you. The dispenser can be easily mounted on the wall in your home. Offer your family not only the result of the emmi®dent Platinum and the emmi®-skin Sport maximum quality, but also in terms of health protection. The dispenser is easy to use by hand or elbow for hand disinfection, easy to dose and does not require any electrical connection.


Emmi® Skin-, Hand- and Surface Sisinfectants 2500ml is included.

A highly effective skin, hand and surface disinfectant that no home should be without.
For hygienic hand disinfection, the hands are rubbed with the solution and kept moist for 30 seconds.


Has an antibacterial and antifungal effect, is fragrance-free and also suitable for particularly sensitive skin!


  • 1x Disinfectant dispenser incl. 2 litres disinfection
  • 1x Empty bottle for 1000ml liquid
  • 1x Mounting material for wall mounting


  • Water
  • 70% Isopropanol
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