Caring for the face with ultrasound - proper use and safety instructions

An ultrasound facial treatment makes sense in many ways. Especially for the skin, the innovative technology is extremely beneficial and ensures that your skin looks fresher, more elastic and pure. Invest in one of our high-quality ultrasound machines and benefit from their unique effect. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service and learn more about ultrasound therapy and its possibilities. In addition, you will receive more information on an ultrasound facial and its application below, so you can view and weigh all aspects.

An ultrasound facial and its uses

An ultrasound facial treatment has a deeply relaxing effect and ensures that new collagen is formed in the skin. In this way it becomes firmer and more elastic. Thus, one of the many areas of application of ultrasound therapy is the fight against wrinkles. In addition, the innovative technology is ideal for treating pigmentation marks, scars or pimples. So you can improve your overall skin appearance many times over. Experience the unique massage effect and the relaxing feeling of freshness and purity and invest in one of our high-quality ultrasound machines including care creams and brush attachment.

Which cosmetics to use for your ultrasound facial?

An ultrasound facial treatment is only effective in conjunction with the corresponding creams or gels. These should be applied before the ultrasound therapy. Among other things, use your usual day or night cream. Of course, you can also take advantage of our effective care products such as the emmi®-skin Ultrasonic Hyaluronic Cream Gel, which, thanks to their natural and effective formulations, provide a radiant and fresh finish.

  • emmi®-skin Ultrasonic collagen cream gel - for deep relaxation cleaning
  • emmi®-skin Ultrasonic hyaluronic cream gel - for skin tightening
  • emmi®-skin Ultrasonic silicon cream gel - for wrinkle control

In our online shop you will also find our effective cream gels as a set so that you can skillfully combine them and give your skin the care it deserves.

Ultrasonic facial treatment explained step by step

Do you want a radiant and firm skin? Then invest in one of our high-quality ultrasound machines and benefit from their effects. Before your first ultrasound therapy, we recommend that you read the operating instructions of the device in detail in order to prevent operating errors and to optimally adapt your daily care to your skin. In addition, it is advisable to test creams or gels for their skin compatibility before the first application. For example, a typical area is the crook of the arm, which you should clean thoroughly with soap and then treat with the care product. If you do not experience any skin reactions within the next two days, you can safely use it for your ultrasound facial. After a first test, in which you run your ultrasound device over the skin without turning it on, it can start already.

Before the therapy

It is important to clean your skin with water and a washing lotion before turning on your ultrasound machine. Afterwards, apply your care product such as the emmi®-skin ultrasound collagen cream gel to your face and neck.

During the facial cleaning

After applying your skin care cream, you can start the treatment by the ultrasonic waves. Apply a layer of cream gel to the appropriate area of the skin and the ultrasound head. There should always be enough gel between the skin surface and the ultrasound head. Renew the gel layer if necessary. Altogether, sonicate the individual face and neck parts for about 10 seconds and then move on to the next area. Do not linger in one place for too long, but stay in motion with the ultrasound machine. The movements should also ideally correspond to the natural lymphatic flow. Move the ultrasound head from the center of the face to the outside or from bottom to top.

After the cleaning

After the ultrasound facial massage the rest of the gel thoroughly. You don’t have to rinse your face with water again, as the appropriate care cream is already used as a cleaner.

How often do I use ultrasonic facial cleaning?

Using an ultrasound facial properly also means limiting it to one to three times a week. Do not stretch your skin too much and spend the rest of the week on your traditional facial care and cleaning.

How long does an ultrasound facial treatment take?

An ultrasound facial is not finished in a week. Usually, several treatments are needed until you get a satisfactory result. Of course, the duration of your ultrasound therapy depends on your skin type and organism. The majority of users feel a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin after about six to eight weeks. You will get a final result between the tenth and twelfth week.

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