Is an ultrasound facial dangerous?

An ultrasound facial treatment is the optimal way for many people to effectively clean and care for the skin. In addition to all the benefits, however, there are also many concerns as to whether ultrasonic facial cleaning is dangerous. But what about the different rumors? Is an ultrasound facial really dangerous or harmless? The truth is somewhere in between, as always. Read on to find out more about the innovative facial and what side effects it can bring. In addition, below you will find practical tips and instructions for use, so that the ultrasound face therapy also achieves the success you desire. So you benefit from a pure and radiant complexion.

Ultrasonic facial cleaning - the typical concerns or prejudices

An ultrasound machine for facial care is now widely used not only in beauty salons. Even in private households, people come to the taste and do not want to do without the innovative technology and its positive effect. However, many people are concerned about certain purchases that make ultrasound facial treatment dangerous. Many users worry that rashes, skin problems or redness are typical side effects. Many people are afraid of swelling, scars or other injuries, which is the reason why purchase of an ultrasound device is thrown overboard again. But it does not have to come that far. At Emmi-Skin, we tell you what to look for in an ultrasound facial so you do not have to worry about injuries or rashes. In general, the innovative technology for healthy people is completely safe, so you can buy your personal ultrasound device today and benefit from their effect.

Ultrasonic facial treatment dangerous if I use it incorrectly? - You should note that

In principle, an ultrasound facial treatment is not dangerous. Basically, the sound waves of the active ingredients of creams & Co. transported deeper into the skin, where they can develop their full effect and cause a micro-massage of the deeper skin layers. In this way, the overall skin texture is refined, elastic and firmer. Despite the positive effects, you should pay attention to a few application notes to minimize the risk of any side effects..

There are different ultrasound devices with different intensity levels. Basically, the lower the frequency of the sound waves, the more intense the facial care is. The majority of ultrasound devices operate at a frequency of 1 MHz or 3 MHz (MegaHertz), which means approximately one to three million vibrations per second for our skin. The vibrations are not perceived by our ear due to their speed. The 1 MHz vibrations penetrate deeper into our skin and are therefore not recommended by many cosmetologists and dermatologists. We at Emmi-Skin also recommend devices with an intensity of 3 MHz, not to strain your skin too much. Despite lower intensity, you can achieve the same results. All you have to do is bring a little more patience and time, but the end result is no less impressive and radiant.

Further application tips:

  • If possible, use a care product without chemical additives
  • Use high-quality ultrasound equipment and no cheap products from unknown manufacturers
  • Read the operating instructions for your device in detail to make the correct settings and care instructions
  • Customize your ultrasound therapy individually to your skin type
  • Be patient with ultrasound facial treatment and perform it daily over a longer period of time

When should ultrasound facials not be performed?

Ultrasonic facials are dangerous if you use them for tumors or suspected ones. Even with the revenue of blood-thinned drugs is not recommended by an ultrasound therapy, because the ultrasonic waves stimulate our body cells too much..

Which body regions should not be subjected to ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasonic facial treatment is not only unsuitable for tumors or other selected diseases. Even though the skin is very thin and sensitive, ultrasound therapy should be used in moderation. Especially in certain parts of the body, for example under the eyes, special caution is required. In addition, you should avoid open wounds, bacterial infections of the skin, thromboses or surgical scars when cleaning your face so that you do not suffer serious injuries.

Result as to whether or not an ultrasound facial is dangerous

An ultrasound facial treatment is neither dangerous or dangerous to health. Just keep a few safety instructions in mind and you have nothing to fear. Now browse through our online shop and find the right ultrasound machine for your skin as well as the appropriate care products, so that you can start your ultrasound therapy in just a few days and benefit from its incredible effects. Get compliments from friends as well as relatives and feel altogether more comfortable in your skin, as it radiates after a short time a noticeably higher freshness and youthfulness.

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