The Ultrasound skin care for at home: emmi®-skin

The skin should look young, smooth and flawless to meet the common ideal of beauty. For this, we take a lot of care when it comes to skincare. It is important to consider the skin type, age and degree of pollution in order to give it the care it needs. The sensitive organ does not tolerate too much attention. With emmi®-skin, you can now benefit from the revolutionary ultrasound technology at home as well. The ultrasound machine from EMAG AG thoroughly cleans your skin and pores of impurities while increasing the moisture content of the skin and slowing down the aging process.

The importance of skin care

As our largest sensory organ, the skin significantly shapes our outward appearance. At the same time, it serves as a shield against solar radiation, pathogens and heat and cold. For this reason, it requires a particularly high care effort in personal hygiene. The skin is deprived of moisture and daily showering has a negative effect on it. Creams and scrubs are only able to achieve improvements on the surface. And even the age quickly leaves its mark on the body, because the aging process begins at age 25, so that anti-aging becomes an important topic of personal hygiene at a young age

The innovative operating principle of emmi®-skin

emmi®-skin uses a completely new mode of action for skin care with ultrasound. Because the ultrasound device is the only one that transmits the ultrasound focused on skin and tissue, without exerting pressure or friction, which noticeably improves the appearance of the skin after only a few applications. The ultrasonic device for body care penetrates not only in particularly deep layers of the skin, but also cleans the pores of various types of soiling in the most diverse parts of the body. The result is young, healthy skin.

How does ultrasound affect skin care?

Ultrasound is a sound that works within frequencies that are outside of human perception. For skin care, ultrasound devices make use of the mechanisms of action known from medical ultrasound therapy. This principle takes place in the body care in the form of a triple effect.

Mechanical effect

First of all, the unperceivable ultrasonic waves transmit a vibration to the skin, which acts as a soothing massage on the sensitive organ and stimulates the metabolism. Slag can be removed faster and support the skin during its regeneration.. 

Thermal effect

The vibration warms the tissue, stimulates the metabolism and activates elastin and collagen production. Collagen ensures that the skin remains plump and firm and thus represents a natural anti-aging agent. At the same time, the deep heat produced by the ultrasound machine results in a pleasant, soothing effect.

Increase the effectiveness of care products

The ultrasonic waves are also able to open pores. This makes it easier to remove blackheads and superfluous hairs. On the other hand, the active ingredients of creams can penetrate deeper into the skin and unfold their effect there.

Ultrasound machines in cosmetics

Within cosmetics, ultrasound treatment has been used for a long time. And with good reason: Because ultrasound devices offer their users a wide range of active care for the face and body. An ultrasound-based massager is suitable for treating cellulite, scars, and spots of age and pigmentation. At the same time, the ultrasound is able to achieve significant improvements in fat deposits, connective tissue weakness and existing stretch marks.


emmi®-skin: ultrasound with a depth effect

With emmi®-skin you can now also use the soothing effect of ultrasound for skin care at home. A compact, small device for home use that combines the results of years of research. The ultrasound machine from EMAG AG is capable of injecting the natural anti-aging agents hyaluron and collagen, which are contained in the emmi® cream gels, into the deeper skin layers - where the skin renews itself, so that collagen formation is effective is stimulated. This is how you experience a new generation of skin care with emmi®-skin. You can not only see that on the improved skin texture, but you can also experience it by feeling. Because after using our ultrasound machines, the skin feels much firmer, as users have confirmed to us many times.

Skin care without side effects

emmi®-skin not only achieves excellent skin and facial results but works completely without mechanical pressure or friction. The mode of action of the patented ultrasound technology from EMAG AG is based on the latest scientific findings and has been further developed by German engineers. In addition, you do care of the skin with ultrasound but without abrasive substances, on which the effect of peeling is based. Rather emmi®-skin ultrasound machines are suitable for all skin types and are also excellently suited for use in problem skin. In this way, they become a beauty device for everyone.

Ultrasound as an all-rounder for cosmetics and skin health

emmi®skin is suitable for use in a wide variety of body regions. In order to provide even larger areas of skin the soothing care, is found in our range a correspondingly larger ultrasound attachment. This allows EMAG AG's innovative ultrasound technology to take effect. Convince yourself of the wide range of activities in skin care revolution. emmi®-skin, which works on the base of 100 percent ultrasound, can not only reduce blemishes, but also relieve wrinkles and effectively combats cellulite. In addition, the ultrasound machine has a muscle-relaxing effect and promotes blood circulation in the skin - a true all-rounder for cosmetics and health.

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