Ultrasonic facial treatment and its effect

An ultrasound facial treatment is an effective way to make your skin look younger and fresher on the face and neck. Ultrasonic facial cleaner are the technology of the future and not only in beauty salons, but also in numerous households represented, so you too can benefit from the positive effects of ultrasound therapy. Read on to find out more about the unique facial cleansing method and how it works so you have an all-encompassing overview of all processes and modes of action. You are also welcome to contact our friendly customer service and get personally advised on the subject of ultrasound therapy. We are happy to hear from you.

What happens with ultrasound facial therapy?

With ultrasonic facials, the skin is deeply massaged and deep-warmed by ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves are not audible to the human ear but have positive effects on our superficial and deeper skin layers.

Ultrasonic facial treatment - the three modes of action

Ultrasonic waves have a mechanical and chemical as well as thermal effect on our skin. The thermal effect comes from the collision of skin and ultrasonic waves, which creates a vibration or friction, which in turn provides for heating. It improves our blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and the skin tissue. The mechanical-physical effect is due to the pressure-suction effect of the ultrasonic field, which brings a relaxing massage effect. In addition, the mechanical and thermal effect for a synergy effect, which includes a biochemical effect.

The effect of an ultrasonic facial cleaner

An ultrasound facial treatment is very relaxing. In addition, it reactivates the self-healing powers of the skin, promotes collagen production, eliminates pollutants and opens the skin pores. In this way, the skin is cleaned down to the lower layers of the skin and the skin texture improves. In addition, the circulation of the skin is stimulated, the tissue warms thanks to the micro-massage and improves the metabolism and the production of elastin and connective tissue fibers. The end result is a finer-pored, more elastic and firm skin with higher elasticity and fewer wrinkles. Another positive side effect of using an ultrasound facial includes the alleviation of acne, scars or bags under the eyes. Even pigment and age spots can be reduced with the innovative technology and thus the radiance can be improved many times over.

Areas of application of an ultrasonic facial treatment

Wondering why you should buy an ultrasound device? Ultrasound therapy is extremely diverse and helps treat a variety of ailments, allowing you to benefit from the treatment on numerous levels. For example, you can combat pimples, wrinkles, scars or pigment spots with their unique effect and thus enhance your skin's appearance many times over. Now read on and learn about the different effects of an ultrasound facial.


To the ultrasound therapy on the face, the typical effect is a stimulation of collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. In this way, your skin becomes more elastic and firmer after only a few applications, so that you can specifically counteract the aging process. You can boost this effect with an extra collagen cream extra. These can be found as well as an ultrasound device and an extra ultrasound attachment in our online shop.


Thanks to the ultrasound waves, all skin layers are vibrated so that the skin pores open and pimples and blackheads are easier to remove. In addition, care creams penetrate more easily into the deeper layers of the skin and combat pollution and inflammation. In addition, with the help of ultrasound waves, slags are carried away by the stimulation of the lymphatic system, which ensures a neutral PH value and a pure skin.

Pigmented spots and scars

An ultrasound facial treatment activates all tissue cells and stimulates cell metabolism. Thus, pigmentation marks and scars begin to fade, as the friction unfolds a thermal effect that accelerates the transport of lymphatic fluid. In addition, thanks to the massage effect, the cell activation is increased, so that the skin and the scar tissue can regenerate better..

Saggin skin and bags

Do you have sagging skin or are you suffering from bags under your eyes? Then an ultrasound therapy is just the thing for you. An ultrasound facial treatment stimulates the skin and lymphatic system, thereby removing slag and water retention. In this way, the skin becomes much firmer and eye bags go back noticeably with this method. With a matching hyaluronic cream from our online shop, you can increase this effect in addition and thus feel significant success after only a few weeks.

Conclusion: An ultrasound facial and its effects made for a unique skin feeling

An ultrasound therapy in the face baffles many people with its effect, which is already noticeable after a few weeks. Join the long list of satisfied customers and order today your personal ultrasound device, which can effectively combat various skin problems or cosmetic problems. We are happy to assist you with your online purchase via our friendly service hotline and give you practical tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of your skin and your complexion.

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