Ultrasonic treatment for the face: the effect of emmi®-skin

A facial care that penetrates into the lower layers of the skin and ensures that care products can develop there a deep effect - and without any harmful side effects. This is possible with emmi®-skin, the patented ultrasound technology from EMAG AG. Especially for the sensitive areas of the skin like the face, deep pore cleaning ultrasound treatment is a good option. Pigment spots, pimples and acne are effectively combated with the ultrasound machine. The ultrasound effect also shows as an anti-aging agent on the face. Wells and wrinkles on the eyes, forehead and other parts are visibly and noticeably smoothed. In addition, the facial treatment is accompanied by a deep relaxing effect. A little vacation for soul and body.

Ultrasound: More effect on facial cleansing

The sensitive facial skin is exposed to numerous environmental influences. UV radiation, wind and cold set her up. Dead skin scales that bind to sweat and sebaceous glands also leave a pale and tired impression. In addition, at the age of 25 the skin aging begins. First wrinkles usually develop around the corner of the eye and the mouth. The skin loses its elasticity, because the collagen production - the body's own anti-aging agent - decreases with age and thus cell renewal is going slower and slower. In addition, the face is no longer sufficiently supplied with moisture. Toiletries such as creams and scrubs are only able to penetrate the upper layers of the skin, allowing only a superficial facial cleaning. They do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and thus the places where wrinkling begins. In addition, the abrasive particles that are contained in scrubs often cause redness on the sensitive parts of the face. On the other hand, you can achieve a lasting effect when cleaning the face with ultrasound.

Ultrasound in cosmetics

For a long time now, cosmetics have discovered ultrasound for numerous uses. Due to their small size, the ultrasound waves are able to penetrate deeper into the skin layers, where the care substances can unfold their effect - and without any harmful side effects, such as those caused by the wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid. Ultrasound does the facial cleaning and wrinkle control in a very gentle way. The sensitive facial skin is not stressed by the pore-deep ultrasound treatment in any way.

Patented ultrasound technology from emmi®-skin for the home

Benefit now also at home from the pioneering mode of action of ultrasound for facial treatment - with emmi®-skin. In addition, with emmi®-skin, EMAG AG offers the only ultrasound devices that focus ultrasound on skin and tissue - for a particularly thorough effect. The ultrasound head of the devices generates a maximum of 72 million vibrations per minute. The ultrasound from emmi®-skin penetrates deep into the skin up to 12 millimeters, so that the positive ingredients of the supplied ultrasound collagen cream act where cell renewal takes place. The small, compact ultrasound device from EMAG AG is based on the latest scientific findings and is continuously being further developed by German engineers. Skin impurities such as pimples and blackheads are removed during pore-deep ultrasound treatment. In addition, the ultrasound waves, which penetrate deep into the skin, make the skin firmer and smoother - resulting in a youthful, fresh look.

What effect can be achieved with an ultrasound treatment on the face?

emmi®-skin contributes to the significant improvement of sensitive facial areas within a very short time. All you need to do is apply the ultrasound machine together with a specially developed ultrasound collagen cream twice a week for about ten minutes. Simply hold the ultrasound head with the special ultrasound gel to the respective parts - the treatment itself will be handled by emmi®-skin by itself. After only a few ultrasound treatments, the first effects become apparent.

Ultrasound as a gentle anti-aging agent

The skin on the face is effectively smoothed by the use of the emmi®-skin ultrasound machine and the ultrasound gel. Small wrinkles and lines that have formed around the eyes and mouth are relieved. In addition, the ultrasound treatment counteracts the emergence of new wrinkles. The sunken with increasing age games regain abundance. Thanks to the effectiveness of the ultrasonic collagen cream, facial skin is again able to store more moisture - gentle anti-aging, stimulating the skin's own collagen production. The skin on the face looks more vital and fresher after the ultrasound treatment with emmi®-skin.

Facial cleaning with the patented ultrasound technology of EMAG AG

The ultrasonic waves generated by emmi®-skin are able to open the skin and pores. Bacteria that have settled in the various layers of the skin are permanently removed and can heal. In the course of the ultrasound treatment blemishes such as pimples and blackheads disappear. Even acne will soon be a thing of the past thanks to our ultrasound machines, because emmi®-skin thoroughly cleans not only the skin but also the pores. Gradually, the history skin can recover, the skin texture looks healthy, beautiful - and natural. At the same time, the effectiveness of care products is significantly increased. 

Ultrasound boosts metabolism and blood circulation

In the case of ultrasound treatment with emmi®-skin, a pleasant soothing massage effect also sets in, because the tissue is heated by the vibration. In this way, emmi®-skin and the resulting deep heat stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation of the skin. Effects that can be seen. Thus, the lips appear fuller  after the treatment with the emmi®-skin ultrasound head - without Botox and its associated risks. Convince yourself of the effect of ultrasound treatment with emmi®-skin on the face.

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