Ultrasonic treatment on the face ensures a younger and radiant appearance

Our skin is our greatest sense organ and an important aspect of our charisma and our visual appearance. Over time, however, stress, weather and hormones of our skin are very high, which is reflected in pimples, wrinkles or pigmentation marks. To counteract these skin problems, proper care with washing lotions, creams and cleaning water is essential. You can additionally support these measures with ultrasound treatment and thus improve your skin appearance many times over. Read on to learn more about ultrasound facial treatment and how you can do it with emmi®-skin.

What is an ultrasound facial treatment?

Ultrasonic facial treatment is a facial skin image therapy that uses ultrasound waves to create vibration and heat that acts as a kind of massage for the skin cells. In addition, the vibrations stimulate the self-healing processes of the skin, which has a positive effect on radiance and skin health. The cosmetic treatment by means of ultrasonic waves is used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine, to prevent inflammation and to treat diseased skin. Benefit from the positive effects of an ultrasound facial treatment and order everything you need through our handy shop system.

What does ultrasound treatment on the face do?

An ultrasound facial treatment is usually perceived as very pleasant and compared to a gentle massage. In this way, an ultrasound facial treatment is often associated with a relaxing and restorative effect. Other positive effects include the opening of the pores, so that blackheads and pimples can be easily eliminated or prevented. Also, care products such as creams or tonic get better through the open pores, so that they penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin and can fully develop their effect. In addition, the skin tissue is better supplied with blood due to the vibration and moderate warming, as well as boosting the metabolism, resulting in a firmer and more vivacious skin structure. In addition, the self-healing processes of the skin are stimulated so that they can regenerate and renew better.

How does an ultrasound facial treatment work?

An ultrasound facial treatment is performed with an ultrasound head, which is passed over the areas to be treated at a frequency of up to 1 MHz. The ultrasonic waves are inaudible to the human ear, but have a major effect on the appearance of the skin. The vibrations (1 million vibrations per second) create pressure on the skin tissue, causing it to move. The resulting heat is for most people very pleasant and relaxing, which not only removes pollutants, but also reduces stress.

The ultrasound facial treatment is performed with special ultrasonic brushes including ultrasound head and ultrasonic cream gels, which you apply in advance to your face. Then sonicate the individual facial and neck parts for about 10 seconds before moving on to the next facial area. You do not have to wash your face, as our cream gels are already used for cleaning and care and penetrate deep into your skin with the help of ultrasonic waves. Depending on your request, you will find different ultrasound cream gels and creams in our online shop so that you can specifically treat your problem areas.

It is important that you do the ultrasound treatment on the face not just once, but regularly over several weeks. As a rule, you can expect the first visible results after about six to eight weeks. You can complete the treatment after about ten to twelve weeks. Bear in mind that everybody is different and therefore ultrasound therapy can take more or less time individually. Tip! Invest in two ultrasound attachments, one for the face and one for the neck. In this way, you can specifically address the needs of different skin areas and prevent a wrong treatment.

In which parts of my face and with which problems can I perform an ultrasound treatment?

An ultrasound therapy can be applied in several areas of the face on which the ultrasound head is applied selectively. These facial and neck areas are among others

  • The forehead center
  • The upper eyebrow part
  • The upper neck section
  • Around the nostrils
  • The chin
  • Around the lips
  • At the outer and inner corner of the eye

An ultrasound facial treatment is used by many people, especially in cases of wrinkles. The ultrasonic waves stimulate the production of collagen fibers, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. In addition, facial ultrasound treatment has a positive effect on pimples and blackheads, as they gradually fade away by promoting skin regeneration. Likewise, pigmentation stains caused by too much UV light can be combated, as through the opening of the pores the respective care products penetrate deep into the skin and act effectively.

An investment in emmi®-skin is an investment in an improved skin appearance

We at emmi®-skin help you to improve your skin appearance by offering high-quality ultrasound equipment at a favorable price via our online shop. Benefit from the effect of our innovative technology and reduce wrinkles, blemishes or pigment spots many times over. The compact and effective skin care also ensures a lively appearance and a younger and fresher appearance. Join the list of our already satisfied customers who report firmer skin, improved skin appearance and a healthier look.

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