Ultrasound cosmetics for safe and effective ultrasound therapy

An impure skin condition can be extremely stressful for many people. In order to specifically treat pimples, blackheads or acne, among other things, an ultrasound therapy that can develop its full potential with the right ultrasound cosmetics. We at emmi®-skin have put together a diverse range of high-quality ultrasound cosmetic products for you, so that you only offer the best for your skin. Read on now and find out more about an ultrasound facial treatment and the appropriate cosmetics that you can order via our convenient shop system with just a few clicks..

What is an ultrasound facial treatment?

Ultrasonic facial treatment is a facial therapy that produces vibration through ultrasound and over 1 million vibrations per second. The latter has a very calming effect on the skin tissue, it stimulates the metabolism as well as the blood circulation and activates the regeneration of the cells. In addition, the pores are opened so that skin care creams and other cosmetics penetrate faster and deeper into the skin. The latter are therefore indispensable in the context of ultrasonic facial treatment in order to both massage the skin tissue and to combat skin impurities more efficiently and to prevent inflammation. Order not only an ultrasound massager, but also the appropriate creams and gels, so that the focus of inflammation of pimples and blackheads is directly fought.

Which ultrasound cosmetics are available?

Ultrasound cosmetics are available in multiple versions and for different therapy goals. For example, in our online shop you will find relaxing thermo-spray with a warming effect that stimulates blood circulation and promotes skin metabolism. The effect can be further enhanced by sonicating the treated areas of the skin with an emmi®-skin ultrasound device so that the heat can spread even better and relieve possible pain in inflammation. In addition, our range includes various hyaluronic acid-based cream gels known for enhancing the effectiveness of ultrasound treatment. Stimulate your skin cells and protect them from moisture loss by treating your skin with our hyaluron cream gel before sonication. In addition, you can purchase Ultrasonic Cream Gel with collagen through our shop system, which naturally makes your skin fresher and more radiant. Benefit from the advantages of our ultrasound cosmetics and order the matching creams and gels in just a few clicks via our online shop.

What is hyaluron and what effect does it have?

Hyaluron is a transparent and gelatinous fluid that is produced by our body itself and forms an important part of our connective tissue as well as our cartilage and synovial fluid. With advanced age, the hyaluronic acid in our skin slowly decreases, whereby it loses elasticity and tension. Ultrasound cosmetics are therefore particularly important if you want to balance the fluid loss and the lack of elasticity in your skin tissue. Our hyaluronic creams and gels fill the spaces between the collagen fibers so that your skin radiates freshness and vitality in just a short time. Challenge dry skin and age-related wrinkles. Cream your skin before ultrasound treatment with hyaluronic-based ultrasound cosmetics. The positive effects will surely convince you quickly.

Select ultrasound cosmetics by skin type

You do not know which ultrasound cosmetics are best for your ultrasound treatment? Then contact our friendly customer service and learn more about our beauty products and how they work to provide your skin with optimal care. In addition, it is advisable to select your ultrasound cosmetics according to your individual skin type, since depending on the moisture content or the skin structure different care products are necessary. In our online shop you will find different cosmetics for both dry and mature skin as well as normal or combination skin. Now browse through our offer and find the right supplement to your ultrasound treatment, so that you can quickly achieve optimal results.

Order ultrasound cosmetics from emmi®-skin and enjoy the benefits

You can easily carry out an ultrasound treatment from the comfort of your own home with the right equipment and care products from our online shop. Discover our ultrasound cosmetics now and improve your skin appearance in just a few weeks. Experience the unique effects of ultrasound therapy and become one of our many satisfied customers who report on a firmer, healthier and more vibrant skin. In addition, take advantage of our flexible payment methods, our fast delivery times and our 14-day right of withdrawal, so you do not take any risks in your online shopping.

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