Ultrasound for face and body prevents wrinkles, age spots and pimples

Pigmentation marks, wrinkles and pimples are skin problems that many people suffer sooner or later. At emmi®-skin we offer you an innovative and effective way to effectively treat these skin conditions and benefit from a radiant and well-groomed appearance. Discover our product range now and order, for example, the emmi®-skin Intense Basic Set to noticeably improve your skin appearance in just a short time. We are happy to advise you in the search for the ideal skincare and give you important tips and tricks on how to properly handle your ultrasound machine. Read on to find out more about face and body ultrasound therapy so you can start your personal cosmetic treatment in just a few days.

How does ultrasound affect the face and body?

Ultrasonic waves are inaudible to the human ear and have a deep thermal effect on our skin cells. It is ultimately produced by the collision of skin and ultrasonic waves and the resulting vibration. In this way, the circulation of our skin is improved and tissues and muscles relax. The additional massage effect is just as positive and ensures with its biochemical effect for pure and flawless skin. Benefit from fine pores, less wrinkles and an elastic tissue and decrease the age and pigment spots fight. Eye bags or scars can also be effectively softened on the face and body with the help of ultrasound therapy, so that you can specifically promote your appearance and feel better in your skin.

Ultrasound suitable for all body regions

You can use an ultrasound therapy both, on the face and on the rest of the body so that you can completely remove blemishes and wrinkles. Popular body regions for ultrasound therapy are the face, thighs, arms, back of the hand, neck and décolleté. But other body parts such as the abdomen, calves or back can be treated with our ultrasound machine to free your whole body of unsightly times. Refresh your appearance and get your youthfulness with our ultrasound equipment and selected care products. Thanks to the ultrasonic waves, the latter penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and fight off impurities, scars or acne directly at the root. In addition, crank up your cell metabolism and accelerate or improve the regeneration of your cells. 

What you need to keep in mind for the face and body ultrasound

For ultrasound therapy on the face and on the rest of the body, we recommend choosing different intensity levels, as the skin tissue on the face and neck is much more sensitive than on other parts of the body. With 3 MHz (megahertz) intensity or three million oscillations per second, you treat your cheeks, forehead or neck parts gently, while the rest of the body, such as the thighs, arms or back of the hand, with a frequency of 1 MHz. In general, the lower the frequency, the deeper the ultrasonic waves penetrate your skin, causing intense and long-term regeneration. In addition, full-body ultrasound therapy is also ideal against cellulite, as the ultrasound waves penetrate deeply into the fatty tissue, strengthening the connective tissue and breaking down fat cells.

Discover ultrasound for face and body at emmi®-skin

Ultrasound is effective for wrinkle and pimple treatment on both the face and the rest of the body. In addition, with our innovative technology, you can specifically combat cellulite and treat acne. Now browse through our assortment and find next to a high-quality ultrasound machine the appropriate care products in order to achieve the best possible results with your ultrasound therapy. In our online shop you will find, among other things

  • Collagen cream gel for deep-cleansing
  • Hyloron cream gel for a firm skin
  • Silicon cream gel for a wrinkle-free skin

with which you can skillfully improve your skin's appearance. Just give your body the best and order the cosmetics that you need for a natural and flawless beauty through our handy shop system. We are happy to advise you on your online purchase via our friendly service hotline or by e-mail. We are happy to hear from you.

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