Ultrasound machine against wrinkles for vital, youthful skin

Nobody needs to look at your age. Use emmi®-skin to fight wrinkles as the first visible signs of skin aging. The innovative ultrasound technology not only provides optimal results for body and facial care but also helps fight wrinkles. Thus, the anti-wrinkle ultrasound device is able to smooth the delicate facial skin and significantly reduce the fine lines that have formed on the sensitive areas of the skin. Also the new formation of folding can counteract the ultrasonic treatment consistently. The result is a young and fresh look.

Wrinkles - the first visible signs of aging

Against aging, no one of us is immune. Already from the age of 25, skin aging sets in, which initially goes unnoticed. Eventually, however, the first visible signs of this process will appear on the sensitive parts of the face. The cell renewal slows down significantly, less and less collagen is produced, which gives the skin strength and elasticity. The first fine lines and wrinkles develop around the corner of the eye and the mouth, and the skin gradually loses its youthful, vital appearance. Likewise, the resilience decreases. In addition to individual factors, the formation of wrinkles is also influenced by external conditions. An unhealthy lifestyle can speed up this process even more - but with ultrasound you can effectively counteract it now. 

How can an ultrasound device work against wrinkles?

Most anti-aging agents available on the market moisturize the sensitive parts of the face, leaving the skin looking healthier. However, the effectiveness of the creams is limited only to the surface. They can’t penetrate the deep layers of the skin - where the wrinkles are created. Otherwise to an ultrasound treatment. The ultrasonic waves, which are outside of human perception, are able to reach the dermis, where they unfold their effect and thus contribute to skin regenaration. Already after the first ultrasound treatment with emmi®-skin, the appearance of the skin improves noticeably. The face looks fresher and more vital. An effect against wrinkles that cosmetics have discovered for themselves, which is now also available for home use with the ultrasound machine from EMAG AG. In addition, emmi®-skin can transmit ultrasound as the only ultrasound device focused on skin and tissue.

Gentle anti-aging against wrinkles with emmi®-skin

The emmi®-skin ultrasound device contributes to skin rejuvenation in three ways. On the one hand, the vibration generated by the ultrasound stimulates the metabolism of the skin and promotes its regeneration. In addition, the soothing massage effect promotes blood circulation and counteracts the formation of wrinkles in this way. On the other hand, the ultrasound device stimulates the body-forming formation of elastin and collagen, giving the skin a firm appearance. In addition, the invisible ultrasonic waves can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and open the skin and pores. In this way, the treatment with the emmi®-skin ultrasound device increases the efficiency of the supplied care products.

Innovative wrinkle control with ultrasound

The ultrasonic device against wrinkles from EMAG AG was developed on the basic of the latest scientific results to achieve maximum results in facial cleaning and skin rejuvenation. emmi®-skin is the result of constant further development and can already achieve a significantly improved skin appearance after the first applications. The facial skin is toned by the ultrasound treatment, so you can benefit in no time from the anti-aging effect of ultrasound.. 

What does the ultrasound machine do against wrinkles?

emmi®-skin acts up to 12 millimeters into the skin and thus brings the care substances of the ultrasound care series into the areas of the skin where the cell renewal takes place. In this way, the ultrasonic device against wrinkles stimulates the production of collagen. At the same time, ultrasound treatment with emmi®-skin increases the moisture content of the skin. Facial skin, which previously looked tired, appears more vital and fresher after treatment with the ultrasound machine against wrinkles. Sunken facial contours become firmer due to the ultrasound collagen cream. In the case of aging facial skin, a clear rejuvenation effect becomes apparent. Already formed wrinkles go back, the formation of new lines and wrinkles is effectively combated. The neck and décolleté - areas of the skin where age also leaves its mark in wrinkles - are visibly tightened with our ultrasound machines.

Ultrasound - skin rejuvenation without side effects

In contrast to numerous creams and peels used as anti-aging agents, ultrasonic treatment for wrinkles uses no abrasive particles. With emmi®-skin you can tackle wrinkle control in a very gentle way. Because the effect against wrinkles occurs completely without harmful side effects, as they are possible, for example, in fillers with hyaluronic acid. In the fight against wrinkles, bleeding and small bulges can form here. Because the ultrasound devices stimulate the blood circulation of the skin layers, even the lips, which often lose their fullness in older age. They become fuller after the treatment - and all without Botox. Even with sensitive skin you can use our ultrasonic devices for wrinkles without hesitation. For application, you only have to gently hold emmi®-skin on the affected skin without applying pressure. The rest is done by the ultrasound device by itself.

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