Use ultrasound against wrinkles and improve radiance

For many people wrinkles are an ugly appearance of old age, which want to be delayed as long as possible. This can be accomplished with our innovative ultrasound equipment, so you can benefit from a radiant and youthful appearance as long as possible. Now look at our product range and order, for example, the emmi®-skin Intense Basic Set and integrate the ultrasound therapy into your daily cleaning program. We are happy to advise you in this regard and give you specific product recommendations to skillfully optimize your facial cleansing and skin tightening. Successive you will learn more about wrinkles and their development and how you can effectively combat and prevent them with an ultrasound device from our online shop.

How do wrinkles develop?

At younger ages, our skin is well supplied with blood and is evenly supplied with collagen and moisture. In this way, our skin is always firm and smooth. Wrinkles as well as loose skin is unthinkable. With age, however, the concentration of collagen decreases and also the altered hormone balance leads to less elasticity and resilience. The result is a wrinkled, dry and loose skin, which not only looks unlovely, but is also more susceptible to infections and bacteria. In addition, with age, the regenerative ability of cells decreases, which also leads to wrinkles, age spots & co.  

Various reasons for the appearance of wrinkles

Wrinkles arise due to genetic predisposition as well by your lifestyle. In addition to the natural change in the hormone balance, external factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle play a role, but you don’t have to accept your skin change so easily. Treat your skin, among other things with the ultrasound device from our online shop and combat effectively appearing wrinkles with ultrasound.
In addition, following facts:

  • A high-fat and low-vitamin diet
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Less slep
  • Lack of exercise
  • Alcohol
  • UV radiation

accelerate aging of the skin and thus provide more wrinkles or lacks of elasticity. Actively counteract these symptoms and supplement your ultrasound therapy with a healthy and relaxed lifestyle and benefit in the long term from a flat and firm skin appearance.

How does ultrasound counteract wrinkles?

Using ultrasound against wrinkles is an innovative and long-term option, so even in older age you can profit from a young and firm skin. Ultrasound treatments stimulate collagen production by massaging and heating the deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound waves. The ultrasonic waves are generated by a vibrating plate on the ultrasonic brush head and are not audible to the human ear. The resulting warming provides better blood circulation and muscle relaxation as well as an increased concentration of collagen as well as elastin, so that sagging skin or age-related wrinkles decrease noticeably. So take advantage of the benefits of ultrasound against your wrinkles and order today our high-quality and durable ultrasound technology for your daily facial care.

What else you can do besides ultrasound against your wrinkles

Ultrasound therapy for wrinkles is an effective method that can help and improve you with additional measures. For example, you can do a balanced, sugar-free and low-fat diet. Abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes is also beneficial to your skin's health. Similarly, a lot of water is important for a firm skin so that it is always supplied with plenty of moisture. In addition, it is advisable to sleep less on the stomach or on the side during the night, as these lying positions put pressure on your collagen and elastin fibers and thus provoke wrinkles. Furthermore, make-up, soap, excessively strong peels, hot showers and UV rays are damaging to your skin and accelerate wrinkling.

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