Using ultrasound to effectively solve skin problems

Pimples, acne or pigment spots: Skin problems have many faces and cause many people a bad body sensation. You can specifically counteract this malaise by improving your skin's health with ultrasound. Ultrasonic waves are a gentle way to optimize your radiance and avoid skin blemishes. Read on to find out more about our innovative ultrasound technology and its effectiveness. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service and learn more about our products and their properties. Also look at our ultrasound products for effective teeth cleaning and shine both your skin and your teeth.

Radiance and skin health are closely related

Healthy and smooth skin is often one of the most important signs of beauty and youthfulness. The radiance can also be changed with a flawless skin - as well as your own body feeling and self-confidence. We at emmi®-skin give your self-perception a boost with our effective ultrasound technology for a flawless complexion. Feel the benefits of our ultrasound equipment and order now the emmi®-skin Intense Basic Set for your daily facial care.

Why ultrasound ist good for skin health

An ultrasound face treatment is an excellent and effective alternative to face creams, cleansing gels or steam baths. The therapy with ultrasound provides a gentle massage effect on your skin, which in addition causes relaxation and stress reduction. In addition, impurities, wrinkles, pigmentation marks or sagging skin are specifically combated, as heat is generated by the vibration, which in turn promotes blood circulation. Feel now the positive effects of ultrasound on your skin and be more than surprised by the positive results of such a treatment. The unique skin feel and pure radiance of your skin make you look younger and happier and underline your natural beauty.

How does ultrasound affect the skin?

When ultrasound hits skin, one thing is created: vibration or friction, which in turn generates heat. The latter promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles and tissues. Among other things, the effect is produced by the pressure-suction effect of the ultrasound machine and includes a biochemical effect, which effectively improves the appearance of the skin. In this way, pimples, wrinkles and scars are specifically treated and promoted a natural appearance. In addition, you can use an ultrasound therapy to combat sagging skin or bags, which also improves your radiance and appearance. Further positive results of a regular ultrasound skin treatment are tighter skin and a deep cleansing massage that stimulates the metabolism and stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and connective tissue fibers.

Our skin deserves only the best

Our skin is our biggest sense organ and says a lot about our general wellbeing. Let your skin do the best they can by ordering our effective ultrasound and ultrasound gels. Ultimately, our topmost body layer has various functions such as energy storage, mechanical protection or thermal protection, so that the organism always remains in balance. Relax your facial muscles and clean your skin regularly with one of our ultrasound machines. In addition, ultrasound promotes the formation of new cells and the removal of dead cell elements. In this way, you will always look radiantly fresh and lively, as your face is always blessed with a firm and smooth epidermis..

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