emmi®-05P Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

emmi®-05P Ultrasonic Cleaning Device


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  • Ideal for cleaning:

    • Jewelry
    • Spectacles
    • Shaving heads of electric razors
    • Coins and medals
    • Dental prostheses
    • Braces
    • Tattoo needles
    • Piercing jewelry
    • Inkjet needle heads and more

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1x EM-080 Multipurpose Cleaner - 100ml €9.99
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"emmi®-05P Ultrasonic Cleaning Device"

emmi®-05P Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
Ultrasonic Cleaning Device EMAG emmi®-05P Starterkit Home

Stainless steel tub and drip-proof ABS housing. 1-9 minutes timer.

Ideal for cleaning jewelry, spectacles, shaving heads of electric razors, coins and medals, dental prostheses, braces, tattoo needles, piercing jewelry, inkjet needle heads and more.

Areas of application:
Dental, home use, laboratory, optician and studios

Dimensions (mm):
Outer device (L x W x H): 200 x 100 x 140 mm
Tub interior (L x W x H): 175 x 80 x 40 mm
Basket interior (L x W x H): 155 x 65 x 50 mm

Tub capacity: 0,5 Liter
Filling quantity: 0,425 Liter

Ultrasonic power in Watt: 50
Ultrasonic frequency in KHz: 49

Basket made of plastic "- protects cleaning material and oscillating tank -"

emmi®-05P expands the range of ultrasonic cleaning devices.

Important - Do not use flammable chemicals, acids, substances containing chloride ions and household cleaners. Do not place the cleaning material on the bottom of the tub.


  • 1x emmi® -05P Ultraschallreinigungsgerät
  • 1x emmi® EM-080 Universalreiniger - 100ml



  • Nonionic surfactants 5-15%
  • pH value of the 1% solution approx. 6-7
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